Islamic Help

Muslim Charities Flood Emergency Response

19 th December, 2019

Islamic Help was among a group of Muslim charities which have responded to help families hit by severe floods in the north of England.

Widespread flooding in early November affected more than 1,000 properties in the north of the country. Residents were evacuated from their homes and, sadly, some face having to wait at least six to 12 months before their lives can go back to normal.

Many families had full or part cover insurance, but at least 30% do not have any insurance.

Individuals are still in shock as they became homeless within an hour of the flooding, just weeks before the festive season.

As part of a collective response by Muslim charities, a joint delegation from the Muslim Charities Forum – an umbrella organisation of which Islamic Help is a member – visited some of the worst-hit areas, for example, Fishlake village.

They witnessed the amazing response from the local community where a historic church was turned into a community comfort space and was storing a warehouse full of donations such as food, water, clothes and blankets given to local residents.

Along with Islamic Help, eight other MCF members – Al-Imdaad Foundation, Islamic Relief UK, Muslim Aid, WF Aid, Muslim Charity, Human Appeal, Muslim Hands and Al-Khair Foundation – collectively contributed with an initial fund of £16,500, which has been transferred to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) which is working on the ground to help affected families.

MCF’s CEO, Fadi Itani, said it highlighted “this as an opportunity, as Muslim humanitarian organisations to work collectively and demonstrate our solidarity and support with the local impacted communities”.

SYCF is responsible for supporting the locals and has established the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal. The contribution MCF Members have made will be directed towards those who were hit hardest by the flooding, for example the people of Bentley, a suburb of Doncaster.

SYCF’s CEO Ruth Willis stressed the need to continue supporting those affected. “The more SYCF raises with the South Yorkshire Disaster Relief Appeal, the more we will be able to do to help local people facing huge expense to make their homes habitable again. We can’t thank the Muslim Charities Forum enough for their ongoing care and support for this cause.”