Mission Possible 2019 Blog: Water and Foundations

Mission Possible Blog 2019: Water and Foundations

22 nd October, 2019

For Team B – Arslan Tariq, Sidhra Yasin & Zain Ali – the second and third days of their Mission Possible deployment to Tanzania was all about providing a clean, safe water source with the installation of a rainwater harvesting system at a primary school.

Sunday 20th Oct: Day 2

It is day 2 of our Mission Possible deployment and we started the day travelling to Mazole Kifee Primary School in Pakotte to help build the tank for the rainwater harvesting system.

To build the base of the water tank, we filled it in with cement which we carried in buckets and poured into the base. After levelling the cement, we had the base complete.

After lunch we started to build the foundation of the toilets by using cement to fill in the gaps in between the bricks and levelling it out.

After leaving the village, our minibus got stuck in mud – the second time this had happened. This really helps you understand the conditions local people have to travel in and how difficult it is for them.

With the help of the other members in our team, we managed to make another mission possible and once again escape the clutches of nature. The day ended with a reflection session where we got to voice our opinions, listen and respect others emotions.

Monday 21st Oct: Day 3

Day 3 started with us back at Mazola Kifee Primary School completing the task and plan for the rainwater harvesting system.

We started off cleaning the water tank and placing it onto the concrete base and attaching a pipe in the hole made in the tank.

We ensured that it was at a slope and at a certain angle on the rooftop for water to flow properly in to the tank.

We also used a net as a filter to help provide as much clean water as possible and attached a tap near the bottom of the tank for water to flow out of.

Moving onto the next task, we carried on building the walls of the toilets and filling the gaps in between the bricks. At this point you could clearly get a much better view and an actual clear understanding of what the toilets will look like after they’re completed.



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