Mission Possible 2018 Blog: The Fruits of Labour

13 th October, 2018

On the sixth day of their deployment to Tanzania, the Mission Possible volunteers saw the fruits of their hard labours, and brought smiles to the faces of children by handing over bicycles and planting trees with them, as volunteer Saira Iqbalexplains.

Yesterday we went back to the village to see what progress had been made to the water source and the school toilets. The water source had been completed and we were able to open the taps and see clean water flowing.

Seeing this and seeing how happy the villagers were made all the hard work and the ups-and-downs of this experience worth it. The atmosphere and people’s gratitude towards us made us all extremely proud.

We then went to the school and saw that the toilets were coming together nicely. We were told that they should be completed in the next few days.

It would have been nice to have seen them completed too but seeing the water source up and running was good enough. 

We then spent some time with the local children and distributed shoes to the schoolchildren as well as 10 bicycles.

These were given to children who lived the furthest from the school in order to reduce their journey time to and from school. After we were done distributing, we planted 2 trees each with students.

Overall it was a really good day and definitely worth all the hard work that was put in over the week and whilst fundraising for the aid that we delivered.



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