Mission Possible 2018 Blog: A Day of Giving.

12 th October, 2018

Mission Possible 2018 Blog: A Day of Giving

It was a day of giving to change lives. Volunteers on the Mission Possible deployment to Tanzania provided local beneficiaries with the means and tools that will help to improve the quality of their lives even a little bit, as volunteer Kiren Shafiq writes.

We’d started our day with giving out goats, bikes and solar panels to the beneficiaries. We gave out the bikes to the children who travel the furthest to school, some travel almost 2 hours!

The thought of them walking to school in bare feet for two hours really made my heart sink. I couldn’t imagine my nephews being in the same state.

It was also one of the best days by far and the reason being is that we gave goats to the three beneficiaries we couldn’t give cows to, for livelihoods, and it felt so amazing to see them so happy.

It just comes to show that, no matter whether you do something big or small, these people are always so appreciative. 

In the afternoon we went back to one of the local schools and started by skimming the walls in the new classroom. Alhamdulillah it has been an amazing and different experience, and Insha’Allah I hope to always do and give towards charity.



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