Meeting long term needs of children in Bosnia

18 th December, 2014

Nearly 20 years after the end of the Balkans conflict which culminated in the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, segments of the Muslim population are still struggling to establish themselves in what is now Bosnia.

In parts of eastern Bosnia – which witnessed some of the worst massacres of Muslims during the 1992-1995 conflict – Muslims still face ethnic and political conflict with their Serb neighbours.

Their problems were compounded by the devastating floods in 2014 which affected 2 million people across the nation and wrecked infrastructure. As part of our relief work, we supplied emergency jet washers to help businesses clear debris from their premises and re-establish their means of livelihood.

As part of a longer term project, we supplied 50 school backpacks to help children as they prepared to return to their schools following the devastation of the floods, and overall provided school supplies for 100 children. The project is part of a wider programme to help hundreds of youngsters.

Aid for these communities, especially long term help for children, is especially valuable in eastern Bosnia as Muslims return to their former homes and lands while still facing political and economic uncertainty.

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