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Make the Most of Laylat-ul-Qadr 2018

7 th June, 2018

We can hardly contain our excitement for Ramadan 2018 and all the blessings that this Holy month will bring! Every year, we are privileged to work alongside generous people like you, to provide much-needed aid to those who will be celebrating Ramadan whilst facing very real struggles. We pray that we are all bestowed with the blessings and rewards of Laylat-ul-Qadr, and we especially pray that the underprivileged and unfortunate communities of this world have their own prayers answered for Laylatul Qadr 2018.

Usually falling on or around the 27th day of Ramadan, Laylat-ul-Qadr – also known as the Night of Power – commemorates the night that the Angel Jibrail revealed the first verses of the Holy Qu’ran to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As such, this night is one for reflection, for mercy and is of the utmost importance.

So crucial is this night that it is mentioned directly in hadith, where it is said that praying on this night, with pure intentions, offers a chance to have all past sins forgiven. The Holy Qu’ran also states that good deeds performed on this night are equivalent to those that would be performed over a thousand months; making it the perfect time to serve others and donate to causes that will improve the lives – and the Ramadan – of many who are suffering and underprivileged.

Observances for Laylat-ul-Qadr include study, prayer and devotional readings. Being one of the holiest nights, it is considered the time where prayers will be answered. So in your prayers ask Allah (SWT) to answer the requests for full stomachs, warm beds and a strong support system to help those who have fallen get back on their feet.

As you observe Laylatul Qadr, the sky shall be filled with Angels as they come throughout the night to visit worshippers and deliver salaams. We may not see them, but they will see us and our faith and they will know how blessed we are. They will also see how we share our blessings to improve and enrich the lives of many others, from young orphans to elderly and infirm individuals.

What Can You Do for Laylat-ul-Qadr 2018?

Charity. A good cause is a noble cause, so serve others, give generously, and donate however you can. This could be through Zakat or it could be in the form of time you can spare to serve others in your community and around the world.

Abstinence. Avoid and abstain from sin and bad habits. Do not gossip, do not overindulge and consciously renounce vices like smoking and lying. If you wish to remove yourself from worldly distractions altogether and focus entirely on your faith, you may even consider practising I’tikaf on Laylatul Qadr.

Pray, study and reflect. Read the teachings and reflect on the words of Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Study the Holy Qu’ran diligently and pray earnestly with good intention. When you make your du’a to Allah (SWT) do not forget to ask for blessings for others.

The Night of Power is a gift and a blessing for each and every one of us, but it is also an opportunity to give to others, more than we could ever imagine. So give time, donate to great causes and be a light in the world this Ramadan.

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