Live Less, Dream Big

14 th December, 2015

We all have dreams, big or small. We all have ultimate goals we would like to reach and achieve, some day. Some dream of having a big house, as theirs is too small. Some of us dream of having more money to travel and see the world. Some people dream of having a nicer car, a better education or a better quality of life without any struggle. Some of us dream of being able to shop freely without thinking twice, while some dream of being able to have more choices in life. Click here to start making a difference today.

On the other hand, there are some who dream of having a house as they are currently living on the cold streets with no shelter. Some live off the food that we waste and dispose of, so they dream of having a warm meal. Some yearn for the clothes others throw away as they don’t have much themselves and some yearn to have a job to enable them to earn sufficiently, to feed their families.

Little do we know, we are the solution to both.

In material terms, we are, more often than not, oblivious to that which we do not see; either because we do not often see it or because we find it unbearable to even think about – therefore to us, ignorance is bliss; what we do not see we do not believe, right?

Poverty and famine are hard for some to accept as they are so far from our world that they could be classed entirely as another world in itself.

Believe, though, it is real. While you read this, thousands may have died in the process. It is happening all around us yet we choose to ignore it. If it were happening in our home towns and on our doorsteps, we would soon wake up to reality, though, right? It would suddenly all become too real if it happened to our children and us. Everyone is in it for themselves.

That is not what we are here for. We weren’t created by Allah SWT to be selfish.View our campaignsright here!

Allah SWT is the most Gracious, the most Merciful. Do we not think that Allah SWT could change everything in a heartbeat? Why are some of us more privileged than others? Why are some more unfortunate? Allah SWT has the power to solve all, right?

But this is our test.

We do not realise we are privileged enough to be the solution to both these dreams. We can obtain a better life by giving someone else a better quality of life. This is all a test. It is what we are here for. Allah SWT tests us; Allah SWT provides for us.

Those people’s duas will go a long way in obtaining what we are really here to achieve; Jannah (Heaven).
Our purpose, our focus, our ultimate goal; Jannah.

We have the option to be able to obtain heat and warmth at just the switch of a button; literally. Would you swap with one of the unfortunate for a day? Would you give them your life in return for theirs? Blistering cold, no warmth, no nourishment, nothing. Would you exchange your life for that?

Nobody is asking you to. Just know that these people exist, and they don’t need all that we have got, they need just a little, enough to ensure we, ourselves, don’t go without. What if, one day, it was you? Your children?

They will wait for help, they have no choice. You, on the other hand, do.

Donate to a good cause today with What a blessed position Allah SWT has put us in, to be able to help others. Do the right thing as you could be the answer to someone else’s dreams.



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