Islamic Help

Just a Matter of Time

8 th July, 2015

Money can be replaced, material can be replaced, objects can be replaced… but what about time?
When we give gifts to our family and friends, we usually opt for something of material nature, something we can physically present, be it an object or money. But there’s one gift that cannot be replaced in any which way, shape or form.
That is the precious gift of time.
Time; something we seem to have less and less of in our hectic daily lives. We all have individual aims and goals in life, which tend to take up the majority of our time. Our schedules are increasingly overloaded and the phrase “I don’t have time” is heard more often than not. The one thing we all have in common though is that our ultimate focus is always the end result, something we wish to achieve.
For example, a university student’s primary focus would be to achieve the grades they need in order to shape their desired career, to build a future for themselves. A mother’s main focus could be to nurture her children, keep them safe and watch them grow into respectable young adults with families of their own. A businessman’s focus could be in making more money to ensure the future security of his family.
Here at, our core focus and vision is to help as many people as possible, who are in need of our support. Our ultimate mission is to make a difference in people’s lives, all over the world.
We come across three types of volunteers here, such as:

  • Our generous supporters who actively donate towards our campaigns to help those in need. No matter how big or small the donation is, it goes a long way
  • Our hard working volunteers who kindly contribute their time to help wherever and whenever they can. Normal people with busy lifestyles too; they choose to make the time
  • A combination of both

Do you share Islamic Help’s goal?
The next time you are sitting in front of the TV, watching a disaster strike on the news, instead of desperately wishing you could do something to help; just remember… You actually CAN help!
You can contribute towards making a true difference to people’s lives and even witness the change you make. Together, we could even be the difference between life and death for some.
So what are you waiting for? Roll up them sleeves and get volunteering with Islamic Help today! Come join our growing team of dedicated volunteers and give the gift of time. Donate with Islamic Help, it’s always the right place; it’s always the right time.
For more information on our Be the Best campaign, click here.  
As we said, we don’t want the best volunteers; we want our volunteers to be the best, every time.

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