International Volunteer Day. Change the World

4 th December, 2015

On this day we celebrate the power of volunteerism. Volunteering fosters creativity, draws strength from our passions and connects us to those who need us most.” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

December 5th every year has been designated by the United Nations General Assembly as International Volunteers Day, an opportunity to celebrate the efforts and achievements of those who have selflessly given their time to help others.

Islamic Help’s bedrock is volunteers. The charity was founded and inspired by young people who sacrificed their time for others after seeing the devastating effect of some of the world’s major disasters.

Since our establishment in 2002, our volunteers have delivered emergency aid – from food and water to shelter and medicines – at disasters including the Bam earthquake in Iran; floods and earthquakes in Pakistan; the earthquake in Haiti; the tsunami in Indonesia.

More than that however they have played a major role in developing and establishment long term programmes to help deprived and struggling communities tackle poverty through sustainability and livelihoods.

The best demonstration of that is our life-changing Mission Possible programme in which volunteers have to finance their 10-day deployment to Tanzania and the aid they will be during that trip. The experience, during which the volunteers have to choose beneficiaries based on needs criteria, has left many in tears.

International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2015 has the theme ”The world is changing. Are you? Volunteer!” Change the world with Islamic Help and join our volunteer programme today. Find out more here.



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