International Day of Families in May

29 th April, 2015

May 15th marks the event ‘International Day of Families’, and for us, there are plenty of options to celebrate with our nearest and dearest. From a family meal or BBQ, to ice-skating and other such thrills for those wanting something a little different, we are almost sure to celebrate in comfort.

However, for those less fortunate than us, specifically those in developing countries, this day is hardly a happy occasion.

Some have lost family members to disease and hunger, whilst others have had close relatives displaced by natural disasters. Many, if not all, will go through this day completely unaware that it is a means of celebration and should be spent with the ones they hold close.

So, do we watch helplessly? No; we do our part to provide for and support these families in their everyday lives, helping them to overcome daily struggles that we so often overlook.

Here at, we offer many opportunities for people to get involved and action great ideas for an even better cause. From volunteering and donating time to fundraising to making a financial contribution, there really is something for everyone to do, in every campaign we run.

If you’re not too keen on the examples listed above, you can keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming opportunities to do your part.

But why choose Islamic Help?

Well, as mentioned, we offer everyone the chance to get involved and do something for those less fortunate. Our volunteer programme covers all circumstances, which means even if you can’t work on-the-ground in developing countries, you can help here in the UK instead. From organising events to volunteering your time in our UK offices, there is so much you can do to show your support.

In addition, we love to keep our supporters updated on the work we are carrying out in these countries. From sharing information on the Syria crisis to showing you how your donations – time or otherwise – are having an impact, we believe it is important that you know where your hard efforts are going, and the futures your contributions are helping to build.

So, in May 2015, share your celebrations for International Day of Families with those less fortunate by donating to one of our campaigns, and help to ensure a brighter tomorrow for a less hopeful today.

For more information on how you can help or volunteer, get in touch with Islamic Help today or see our site for details on our campaigns.



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