Improving Quality of Life with Disabled Children Sponsorship

Improving Quality of Life with Disabled Children Sponsorship

9 th November, 2017

It is estimated that across the world 3-6% of children are born with a serious birth defect. In Western countries, we are able to provide necessary care and support for these infants and their families, yet where cases occur in other parts of the world, this vital assistance is often simply not available.

In addition, when you factor in the devastating effects that war and conflict have brought to children throughout the Middle East, it’s clear to see that there are many disabled youngsters in the region without access to this essential care and a valid support network.

Sponsor a child with Islamic Help and help us to work towards our goal of a more equal, brighter future for all disabled children, regardless of the country of their birth.

Supporting Those Who Are Most Vulnerable

Our disabled children sponsorship project aims to fill in the gaps in these vulnerable children’s care, supporting those who are most in need in any way we can. As a result of the ongoing conflicts in the region, many disabled children in countries like Iraq and Gaza have been left in the lurch, trying to survive day-to-day life without the proper aids and medical supplies they require for their daily lives.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some have even been left homeless as a result of conflict – living on the streets is never easy, but for a disabled child, it is much more problematic.

With your generous support, we are able to direct our aid to those children who need it most. Wherever we go, we constantly strive to improve the quality of life for vulnerable disabled children and their families, easing the burden of daily tasks. At Islamic Help, we are committed to helping create a brighter, more positive life for these children and providing that all-important vision of hope for a better future.

Sponsor a Child with Islamic Help

Our teams provide a wide range of care to these children, offering nutritious food packages, warm clothing, shelter and medical supplies as well as essential assistance and equipment including walking sticks, hearing aids and wheelchairs. Our biggest aim is to ease suffering and make daily life that little bit easier – after all, every child deserves an equal chance at creating the best future possible.

The cost of this vital care is minimal – only £60 per month. If you can, please consider setting up a donation to sponsor a child; with your support, we will be able to reach out and improve the quality of daily life for vulnerable children with disabilities across the world.



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