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Human Rights

23rd October, 2015

So, we were all put on this earth by Allah SWT and our lives and destiny are in His hands.

Some of us have been granted the luxury of choice by the Almighty in how we live our lives. Some of us choose to lead a simple life, some of us choose to live in luxury, and some of us even choose to live beyond our means. But a lot of us forget that nobody has a right to judge any one of us but Allah SWT; our Creator and Lord.

We are continuously judged in society today, by our exterior, our cover, by the way we dress, our etiquette, our communication skills and by our generosity. Brothers and sisters, nobody has a right to judge us internally or externally, except for the Lord, Himself.

One of Allah SWT’s names is Al-Ghafur; which means the forgiver and hider of all faults. Allah SWT is the only one who knows and watches us, who sees what is in our hearts and niyyah (intention) whether we speak of it or not. Click here for more information on what we do here at

Allah SWT is the one who will hide our faults for us from others, so who are we to reveal them from His shroud?
Allah SWT will hide fellow brothers’ and sisters’ faults from the eyes of the world, so who are we to reveal their faults?

No matter how much love we have for our companions of this world, be it our parents, our family or our close friends, no one has as much love for us as our Creator Himself, Allah SWT. He is our ultimate protector and guide, and above all, our merciful forgiver.

Brothers and sisters, generosity towards humanity is something that is completely natural to humankind; showing compassion towards others is a natural impulse.

Help those who are in need; help those who have the same rights as we do, as humans in this world. Every human has a right to a living, food, shelter, warmth and education. Your generosity will be seen and judged by Allah SWT, nobody else.

Whether you donate the smallest amount or the highest amount; nobody will judge you. Allah SWT knows our intentions, whether we are able to act upon them or not. Donate towards a good cause with Islamic Help today, be it a penny or a fortune; it is our combined effort that will make the world a better place and your reward will be from Him, not us.