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Feed the Hungry this Ramadan

24 th April, 2018

The auspicious month of Ramadan is fast approaching. This is a time when Muslims around the world fulfil one of the five key obligations of the Islamic faith while working to attain closeness to Allah (SWT). 

During Ramadan, Muslims undertake a fast during daylight hours; refraining from eating or drinking between the hours of sunrise and sunset for an entire lunar month. This fast allows us to remember those who are less fortunate than us whilst presenting us with the opportunity to strengthen our own relationship with our faith and Allah (SWT).

Sharing Good Fortune

Of course, the fast is just one of the many elements of the Holy month of Ramadan, but for many, it represents the perfect opportunity to spare a compassionate thought and prayer for our brothers and sisters in need around the world. 

During Ramadan in the western world, once the sun dips below the horizon we all sit down with our close family and loved ones to nourish ourselves, ready for the next day of fasting. Suhoor and iftar allow us to fuel our bodies with the essential nutrients needed to sustain ourselves during the fast; we have the luxury of being able to choose the food and drink we wish to consume during this period and are free to fill our plates with our preferred delicacies. 

However, in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen, there are many millions of people for whom nutritious food and clean, safe drinking water are a luxury, not a basic right. 

While we are able to fast during the day and eat at night, many vulnerable people have no choice but to scrape together what little food they can, if any. The struggle for survival means many people go without food and water every day as supplies are limited and difficult to find. 

Many of the people who are most in need are refugees – displaced people who have left their whole lives and communities behind, doing their best to survive on the road while fleeing the horrifying consequences of war and civil conflict.

Join Islamic Help’s Emergency Food Appeal

This Ramadan, we are doing what we can to support vulnerable adults, children and families across the world. We have the capability to deliver essential aid in the form of food packs and emergency supplies, able to feed entire families for up to a month. 

No one should have to go hungry at any time of year, but as you sit down to suhoor and iftar with your family, spare a thought for the thousands of families around the globe who are praying for help this Ramadan. 

With your generous support, we can supply vital aid to the people who are most in need. A food pack to feed one family for a month costs just £50 – if you can, please donate today.

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