Eco Village, Changing Lives and Lifestyles

Eco Village, Changing Lives and Lifestyles

1 st February, 2015

Very few economic and development reforms bring about life changing benefits and results. Islamic Help has been active in relief aid work in the African continent. We have undertaken numerous efforts to see that sufficient aid arrives in the region and reaches the intended recipients. Part of our support work also entails around creating long-lasting solutions that will have a positive impact on the community. An aid packet goes a long way. A self-sustaining solution for an entire community goes much further. In light of this, we undertook a massive project almost three years ago that offered multiple solutions to communities struck by poverty and hunger. Islamic Help undertook the Eco Village Project.

The Eco Village by Islamic Help

This project is essentially relief aid, economic development, eco-friendly measures, all in one. The goal is to make people independent financially and help them get back on their feet by putting them to work. The Eco Village is an innovative concept by Islamic Help that accomplishes the objectives mentioned above with flying colours.

It is located 45 kilometers away from the city of Dar es Salaam, near a small town called Kisemvule. Our engineers surveyed many locations in the region and decided that this particular one was the most fertile to adopt and implement environment and eco-friendly solutions on a large scale. The Eco Village is a fully operational village that runs on natural resources and uses very little fossil fuel or man-made electricity. The landscape consists of poultry farms, agricultural lands supplemented by a natural irrigation system and an eco-mosque.  The idea was to build a village from scratch that runs entirely on natural resources, all the while providing locals with opportunities to work, provide food for themselves and their families.

The Eco Village project was started almost three years ago and is well on its way to completion this year. We set out to create a village that can become self-sustaining over time. Already, there are positive signs that indicate this. The Eco Village is a potentially self-sustaining project initiated by that aims to provide food, water, sanitation and shelter to its occupants with no recurring cost.

Additional Features of The Eco Village

Some of the most noteworthy features of the Eco Village are as follows:

Reusable energy throughout the village. Solar panels can be seen everywhere. They provide sufficient illumination at night
Water pumps are also solar powered, reducing dependency on fossil fuel
Proper irrigation system that utilizes rainwater harvesting
Eco Farm that consists of animals and fresh poultry
Naturally grown fruits and vegetables

You can watch the Eco village video here:

Changing Lives and Lifestyles

A key benefit of the eco-village has been that is has paved the way for people, changing their lifestyles and attitude towards living. Local communities are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings, while learning how to use and benefit from natural resources in order to make a living. From eco-farming and poultry to environment-friendly agriculture and irrigation, there is an ever-present desire in the region to have more projects like the Eco Village so they can truly become self-sufficient.



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