Dangers of Summer

16 th July, 2015

Though summer is a highly anticipated time of year in the UK and overseas, in developing countries, this season can be lethal. From acute dehydration to heat-related conditions, the dangers of summer are arguably heightened in countries that don’t have access to clean water and the essentials to protect them from the sun.

So, in this article, Islamic Help thought we would shed some light on just two of the major risks people living in developing countries face this summer, and how you can support them through our various campaigns.


As one of the primary causes of heat exhaustion, dehydration has a long list of symptoms. These range from mild to severe, and in the latter case, can result in death if signs are not treated promptly. One of the main treatments is to rehydrate with plenty of fluids, but for those in developing countries, this isn’t always an option.

You see, people living in these areas don’t have access to clean, sanitary water and, sadly, drinking polluted fluids can do more damage, with the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases.


Another danger of summer is severe droughts, which can destroy livelihoods, devastate farmland and result in famine in the poorest areas of the world. Whilst food aid can, and is, being distributed, people living in affected communities require sustainable development to rebuild their lives, cultivate in the future, become self-dependent and support their families.

With all of this in mind, you can support a good cause this summer and see to it that those in need receive the aid they require to survive and look forward to a better tomorrow. So, browse our campaigns to see how our team is actively working in developing countries, or get in touch today to learn more about how you can volunteer your time.



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