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Cold Feet

12th November, 2015

Before we have even realised, the cold winter has crept up on us. Darkness sets in earlier and time has already gone back an hour.

Winter clothing has filled retail stores across the nation; scarves, gloves, boots, heavy coats, jumpers and so on and so forth. We take our children and youngsters to purchase new items as they ‘need’ some winter clothes this year, as they outgrew last year’s. Lightweight school uniform is replaced with chunky knitwear, warm coats, mittens, woolly hats and thick, woollen tights.

We find ourselves cranking up the heating at home already, with winter quilts and electric blankets already dug out from storage. Hot water bottles, soups and warm drinks at the ready, all set for hibernation – in our homes. Learn more about emergency campaigns right here.

If this sounds all too familiar right now, then count yourself as very lucky. While we prepare for the cold months ahead; getting ready to snuggle up and stay warm and comfy in our cosy homes this winter, millions around the world are facing a brutally cold winter in the toughest of living conditions.

While we have the option of simply flicking a switch to generate central heating, popping the kettle on whenever we fancy and shrugging on a big warm coat before nipping out; so many out there don’t even have enough warm clothing to fend off the biting cold temperatures.

You automatically find yourself moaning about the soggy days and brisk walks through the chilly air, before thawing out in a nice, warm shower and sitting comfortably in front of your warm fireplace. But just remember, there are plenty of families and children out there that would happily switch places with you. Unsure if they will freeze to death as they sleep or starve to death on the streets, as they search for limited food, wondering all the while whether it would be easier just to give up…

With a massive population of those in need not even having appropriate footwear (if any) or outer clothing, spare a moment to actually think about how they might feel. Numb, perhaps?

Puts a whole new meaning to what you classed as frostbite, huh? We actually find ourselves frantically worrying if our children so much as sneeze.

This winter, with a warm heart, donate to Islamic Help to help all those people out there in need of our support this winter.

Help Islamic Help make a difference before it’s too late.