Changing Lives, One Drop at a Time

Changing Lives, One Drop at a Time

11 th February, 2015

March is a big month for humanitarian work. World Water Day (22nd March 2015) is the main event, putting the spotlight on water issues and solutions around the world. And with 750 million people (source) living life without access to clean water, it comes as no surprise that this crisis needs attention and action.  Enter: World Water Day.

World Water Day has been an annual event since 1993, with a slightly different focus each year. 2015’s focus is on Water and Sustainable Development, pulling together the agendas of previous years and looking at how water in industry, urban landscapes, health, sanitation, culture and more, can work together to help build a better future.

This overall agenda ties in very well with Islamic Help’s vision.

We want to help others help themselves, even in the world’s most challenging corners. Water is one way we can do just that.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in Bangladesh especially, with various programmes addressing serious humanitarian issues in the region.

As well as our child sponsorship work with street children and orphans, we have gotten back to basics and implemented solutions to help provide clean drinking water to towns and villages. This boosts the socio-economic conditions, as well as the health, well-being and quality of life for those living and working in the area.

In 2014 alone, with the help and support of our volunteers and donors, Islamic Help changed 10,000 lives in Bangladesh by providing clean water.

We can’t do this life-changing work without your support though. The good intentions and proactive personalities that are so characteristic of our volunteers and supporters are what drive our initiatives forward and enable us to help others. You are why we can make a real difference in the world.

Scratch that. You are why you can make a real difference in the world.

You can start small and stop wasting water at home; appreciate that for every gallon you have access to through the tap, there are entire communities fighting for just a few drops. This change of mindset is just the first of many steps though.

If you want to be part of the bigger picture, you need to act. Volunteer your time and take part in fundraising to help Islamic Help build wells and water sanitation works, in order to eliminate arsenic contamination from people’s water supplies. Donate financially to fund our water projects and help us bring visions to life. Spread the word and use World Water Day as a platform from which to raise awareness and encourage activism. There really are so many ways you can help.

The people of Bangladesh fight for the most basic of human rights; clean water, good health, life. We are lucky to have the resources that we do, but that gives us the responsibility to share the wealth and help others less fortunate than ourselves.

This is not about handouts and gimmicks; it is about ensuring people have the fundamentals for life.

Whether you kick off your humanitarian efforts with World Water Day or you take action and make a difference with Islamic Help in Bangladesh, do something.

We have projects all over the globe, and we are always looking for good people to help us do great work. So get involved and start changing the world today, one drop at a time, with Islamic Help. 



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