Can You Spare a Little Warmth this Winter?

8 th November, 2018

As we begin to move into the coldest months of the year, it’s time to consider what you can do to help your brothers and sisters around the world this winter. As Islamic Help’s winter appeal for the 2018 season launches, join together with us as we work to support those who are most in need and provide a warm, safe environment for everyone this winter.

Across the world, there are thousands of people who struggle to survive on a daily basis, often through no fault of their own. From vulnerable orphans and refugees to those displaced as a result of conflict or natural disasters. As winter approaches, these people need our help more than ever before.

Show Support with Islamic Help’s Winter Appeal
As temperatures fall and freezing weather begins to settle in for the season, warmth and shelter become increasingly important for people around the world. However, when shelter, warm clothing, hot food and fuel to keep warm are in short supply, it isn’t long before individuals, families and often entire communities find themselves at risk. These are not luxury items – they are essential and necessary for survival, and yet so many of our brothers and sisters simply do not have the means to access what they need.

With your generous support, our winter appeal can reach the hardest hit communities around the world, providing aid and assistance to the people who need it most. Before the worst of the winter weather really hits, help us to get prepared and send essential seasonal aid to those in refugee camps and in countries including Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. In addition, we are committed to supporting displaced Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, providing necessities such as winter clothing, blankets, food and firewood to protect them from the onslaught of the elements.

Share Your Warmth this Winter
Although warmth from essentials like shelter, clothing, food and fuel is undeniably important, warmth from the heart can play just as important a role. This winter, share a little of your own good fortune with your brothers and sisters across the world and let your kindness and generosity be a beacon of hope and light to support them through the darkest months of the year.

Join together with Islamic Help this winter – with your kind support, our winter appeal can reach many more vulnerable people and provide them with a way to escape the worst of the weather.

Share your warmth this winter; donate today.



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