Islamic Help

Bringing cheer into the lives of hospital patients

9 th April, 2015

Islamic Help in Jordan has been bringing cheer into the lives of hospital patients, including children with cancer, thanks to the generosity of its donors.

Staff and volunteers took part in a major distribution programme to support the Jordan University Hospital in Amman where many of the patients are from poor or vulnerable backgrounds.

To raise awareness of the initiative, members of the IH team dressed up as clowns and staged a procession through the streets to the hospital where they distributed clothes, toys and gifts bought through the generosity of donors.

The distribution included sets of baby clothes for new-borns which were handed to 175 mothers, plus clothing and items for patients on cancer wards. Among the beneficiaries were children, including 150 young cancer patients, who were handed presents of clothes, notebooks and crayons.

The IH team also took part in a Medical Voluntary Day organised by the hospital in the village of Jiffen, in Irbid, where 150 people received clothes and shoes.

The generosity of Islamic Help’s donors and the work of its staff and volunteers were publicly recognised by the hospital director Dr Ahmed Tahmimi and in a letter of thanks from the hospital.