Brighter Future for Orphans

Brighter Future for Orphans

16 th March, 2015

There are many opportunities and programmes that allow you to change an orphan’s life and help them on to the road to success. Sponsorship is one of them. By sponsoring an orphan, people are making a significant difference in the lives of children, their families and, as a result, their community.

When you make the decision to sponsor a child, you are essentially committing to changing that child’s life for the better. Your goal becomes to make sure that the child is not just a statistic or ends up dependent on relief aid. You take responsibility to provide proper food, sanitation, water, education and even healthcare to that sponsored child so that they may see a better tomorrow. And you can do all that for £30 a month.

This is how Islamic Help provides support through our orphan sponsorship programme.

Orphan Sponsorship at Islamic Help

One child is orphaned every 22 seconds in this world. This is a terrifying statistic; one that we should be mindful of and do whatever we can in our power to revolutionise. Our orphan sponsorship programme makes sure these children have a future; that they do not get lost in the turmoil and conflict of the region they live in.

Your donations ensure that the sponsored child is provided with the following:

  • Sufficient daily nourishment. Food rations and sanitary items help to keep children fed and clean
  • Adequate shelter to live and sleep in. We ensure these children don’t end up on the streets
  • Access to education, tools and skills that can make them self-sufficient in the future. Arguably, the biggest goal of the Islamic Help sponsorship programme is to make children leaders and innovators; to give them hope and to enable them to dream again. Without dreams, goals and the tools that come with them, these children won’t be able to make it a reality
  • Medical assistance to ensure proper growth, diagnosis and treatment of disease

Once you have made the commitment to sponsor an orphan, Islamic Help will provide updates in relation to that child. As a sponsor, you will be kept abreast of their care and development. You will see the difference you have made in their lives. With your help, they can gain all the necessary skills and knowledge they need in order to be able to stand on their own feet. They may even go on to become leaders of their community.

Sometimes, it is the smallest of contributions that can have the biggest of impacts. For just £30, you can make all this happen and change an orphan’s life. Take action and sponsor an orphan today.



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