Bosnia 21 Years On

11 th July, 2016

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, where over 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were systematically murdered in a bloody genocide, in what was supposed to be a UN safe zone.

Although this barbaric crime took place over two decades ago, the survivors are still finding it extremely difficult to rebuild their lives. The Muslims of Bosnia live in an incredible state of poverty, often forgotten about by the rest of the world; because of their geographical location it’s assumed that they’re well off.

Islamic Help is proud to be one of the few humanitarian aid charities which has been working directly in Bosnia through our partners for a number of years now. We have delivered Ramadan food packs and distributed meat to those in need during Eid ul Adha. As well as this, we have also worked on a number of livelihood programmes to encourage positive growth.

One of the programmes that we have set up is bee farming. A family who we supported with this livelihood project now generates enough income to employ two people,e full time. This is an incredible result as the original investment by Islamic Help donors is now benefiting more than one family with a regular income, allowing them to provide for themselves and bringing them out of the cycle of poverty. 
We have also set up fruit farms for other families and supported children with their educational needs. As well as this, in 2014 we were one of the few charities to respond to the floods that damaged many homes in Bosnia. We provided families with tools to help rebuild their houses and businesses.

With your support, we will continue to help our brothers and sisters in Bosnia. On this day, we ask you to remember all those who were brutally murdered and the many who had their lives destroyed. May they find strength and peace. Ameen



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