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Blessing in Disguise

2 nd January, 2016

It is an eminent fact that children are a blessing to us all from Allah SWT. Not only is this stated in Islam, but in many, many cultures and is also written in the Bible.

There are some of us who have many children and some of us that may not be able to have any children at all. Some of us yearn for more, and some of us pray for the financial stability in which to raise our children without stress and worry.

The children of today are the generation of tomorrow. When we are old and frail, it will be these children that will be taking care of us, and it is, therefore, our duty to ensure they are head and shoulders above the rest.

Children do not always necessarily shadow the teachings and examples of their parents, but the chances of them seeing you as their role model are pretty high. Their mannerisms, behaviours and social etiquette are influenced primarily by you as someone they look up to.

From birth, a child’s brain is like a sponge that can absorb a lot more information than you might think. Not only this, where the last generation were reading books at such a young age, this generation has advanced into acquiring technical knowledge from a very young age. In fact, for the majority of us, our toddlers are far more adept at using a touch screen than we are ourselves.

Now, if a child didn’t have the social and sheltered upbringings we had or the home life we can give our children, then what kind of personality traits would that leave them with?

They could be vulnerable, naïve, unknowing, suspicious, mistreated and even victimised. The world is a big scary shell of a place for them.

So many of these children exist today; so many innocent, lost, unknowing minds, not even sure what their purpose on this Earth is. If you are in a position where you feel you could help a child flourish, then find out how to sponsor a child with Islamic Help.

It is important to be able to nourish these children and aid their growth, providing them with the correct healthcare and upbringing to enable them to succeed in their tomorrow. Because when tomorrow comes, they will be within the same generation as our own children – surely they deserve the same basic human rights that our children receive unconditionally?

Our future could depend on the upbringing of these children. It is necessary to ensure they are educated and brought up in a safe family environment and given the correct emotional support to enable them to move forwards in their lives and strive for a better life. You can help them achieve this.

Contact Islamic Help today and find out how you could change tomorrow’s generation by sponsoring a child – while gaining blessings for yourself along the way too.

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