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Alone, You Can Stand Tall, or Together We Can Have it All

28th June, 2016

 This year, National Volunteers’ Week fell during the beginning of Ramadan, from the 1st to the 12th June. An estimated 21 million people worldwide volunteer at least once a year, which makes a massive contribution to the economy. It’s not just once a year their efforts should be acknowledged, though; volunteers are at the very heart of what charity is about.

At Islamic Help, we are always ready and willing to shout about the incredible work that our volunteers do as they give us some of their most valuable commodity; time. The desire to make a difference underpins the motivations of the kind souls who volunteer and it is because of them we continue to thrive in times of adversity. They venture out to distant lands to lend their hands where they are most needed; not only this but they also tirelessly dedicate time a little closer to home.

In Our Communities

They say that charity begins at home, so you will find that some of the most giving people are closer than you think. Today, in communities across the UK, many selfless volunteers endeavour to feed the homeless, engage in community clean-up projects, and support young people as they set out on the path that will take them through life. Islamic Help knows that true community spirit is a virtue to be cherished, and the dedication of our volunteers and supporters has allowed some of the most desolate areas to flourish and grow with attention.

 For Each and Every Person

We can never underestimate or over appreciate the work many volunteers put into making opportunities more accessible to young people. The shining light in all our futures, children should be able to hope for a better life and the tools they need to make it a reality. At the other end of the spectrum, Islamic Help volunteers have been active in tackling an existing problem facing the elderly right here in the UK; malnutrition. It’s not something you would expect to find on our very own doorstep yet it is a very stark reality for many senior citizens in the UK. Twice a year, and with your support, Islamic Help volunteers distribute food hampers to those that have been identified as vulnerable regardless of their race, religion, gender, or creed. It is this all-encompassing compassion that helps inspire us to continue making a difference worldwide.

It is these selfless acts, carried out by volunteers and supporters worldwide that allow us to unite in an attempt to change the world.

If you want to know more about volunteering for Islamic Help this Ramadan, please get in touch today.