Islamic Help

Aid for mothers of new-borns

6 th March, 2015

Expectant mothers in the United Kingdom have the relative security of the welfare state to help them cope with a new addition to their family. For women in the Middle East however, it is a different story.

A new-born places extra financial – as well emotional – demands and with many families already facing difficulties in meeting day-to-day needs, it can be a difficult time for parents.

To ease some of these pressures, Islamic Help staff and volunteers visited the Jordan University Hospital in Amman to distribute sets of baby clothes bought through the generosity of our donors. Clothing sets were handed out for 154 new-borns and T-shirts were also given to 60 workers in service departments in the hospital.

Sister Asma Fahmi, from Islamic Help Australia, was among the group who carried out the distribution. “I had the absolute honour of visiting Jordan University Hospital to distribute baby kits to the mothers of new-born babies on behalf of Islamic Help,” she said.

“The mothers were extremely grateful as many of them are struggling to make ends meet. We also met with Dr Ahmed Tahmimi, the director of the hospital who thanked all the people who donated to this campaign.”

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