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Aid Delivery in Gaza

30th August, 2014

Among the victims of Gaza are thousands of families whose homes have been destroyed or who have been forced to flee and seek shelter in schools now being run by the United Nations to look after the displaced. They include men, women, children, the disabled, all forced to sleep on floors and with little or no belongings

Liaising with the UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, Islamic Help began its relief operations with the delivery of emergency food bags and water to families at one of these schools. The bags contain essentials like dates, cheese, tinned meat and other non-perishables. On the first delivery, 350 bags were distributed, meeting the immediate needs of more than 1,600 individuals.

As well as the food packs, we organised cooked meals to cater for families at suhoor and iftar during Ramadan, and stepped up our operations with the supply and delivery of further food and water, medical aid and, in conjunction with the UN, emergency fuel supplies to hospitals.

Working with our partners, we organised a convoy of large scale food deliveries from Jordan to help meet the immediate needs of the Gaza population. Four giant trailers were loaded with flour sacks and another with baby milk powder and transported to Gaza where they were handed over to UNWRA, the UN agency for Palestinians, for distribution.

Your help is needed!

We need to rebuild lives and rebuild the communities that have been affected by these events.  Your ongoing help will make life changing differences