Islamic Help

A Winning Commitment

4 th March, 2016

Islamic Help is delighted to have been awarded the honourable status of Charity of the Year 2016, announced at the British Muslim Awards this year. The annual ceremony was held on the 28th January at Holiday Inn, Birmingham city centre.

Shortlisted amongst many reputable, leading charities, Islamic Help was humbled to have been announced with the winning title of Charity of the Year 2016.

On top of this prestigious title, there were many other awards announced such as Business of the Year, Young Achiever of the Year, Politician of the Year and so many more.

The ceremony, arranged by Oceanic Consulting and sponsored by Al Rayan Bank, aims to acknowledge the various commendable accomplishments of Muslims to British  society today. The number of awards, in total, amounted to 22 different titles of achievement.

Islamic Help’s core mission is to reach people in need, with the help of its followers; be it feeding the hungrysponsoring orphans in need, introducing self-sustainability projects or reaching out to current world emergencies and disasters. Winning a title isn’t the achievement, keeping the commitment is what measure the success; your continuous support is infinitely valued and is what has ultimately led Islamic Help towards reaching this privileged and honourable award.

Jazaakallah Khair to all of you, may Allah SWT praise and reward all of your efforts. Ameen.

The key aim at Islamic Help is to keep up with these efforts and to continue with the ambition of helping those in need. It is solely with the ongoing support and contributions of these volunteers, staff, donors, supporters, fundraisers and their remarkable inspiration, that Islamic Help continues in its mission to making the world a better place.

So, if you share the same vision as Islamic Help and all of its supporters and wish to be a part of this growing inspiration to humanity, then call Islamic Help today on 0121 446 5682, or alternatively, visit Islamic Help’s website for more information.

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