A New Life is Born

A New Life is Born

20 th December, 2016

The Arrivalof a Newborn

Childbirth is a natural and beautiful experience where a new life is born, but for some women, the risks are incredibly high.

Anticipating the arrival of a new-born is a mixed bag of emotions for many parents around the world. However, the anticipation can turn into fear for the less fortunate living in underprivileged, underdeveloped countries. The stress caused by a lack of financial help, food, shelter, and malnutrition – alongside the emotional turmoil of whether mother and baby will survive the birth can overshadow the emotions of joy and happiness.

Each year hundreds of thousands of women die due to complications during birth or their pregnancy and the risks increase for an individual with each pregnancy.

Our Birth Campaign

Islamic Help’s ‘Birth Campaign’ was launched to help Syrian mothers who are expecting a newborn, with everything they need to help with a safe delivery. 

The Birth campaign covers particulars such as hospital and delivery costs, immediate aftercare costs such as sanitary items, baby clothes, food, and other items necessary for both mother and child.

With Syrian families already struggling with the numerous hardships they currently face as refugees, and with the average cost of upholding a family at around double their income; much of this expense gets spent on health services.

Since the free health care for Syrian refugees was withdrawn by the Jordanian Government in November 2014, it makes it almost impossible for many expectant mothers to cover the cost of a safe hospital delivery. This leaves them with no choice but to give birth at home or in makeshift tents, without the help of a professional; making it incredibly dangerous for both mother and child.

The Difference Between Life and Death

Since complications are not foreseeable, all expectant mothers need specialist care during giving birth; by way of skilled health professionals, where swift and competent treatment can make the difference between life and death.    

Alongside this, it is also important to help educate women with the relevant training and skills needed to enable them to intervene and assist in such times of need. A consistent lack of education and knowledge in areas such as maternal and neonatal health, fertility, and healthcare, in general, can have a damaging impact on these women, along with their families.

This lack of education and knowledge leads to a significant delay in appropriate healthcare in desperate times of need, such as during the giving of birth. In effect, this then leads to life-threatening complications during delivery which in turn, increases the risk of mortality.

Many of us who are reading this are living in fortunate times where we have access to free healthcare along with the option of private treatment. We are living amongst thousands of skilled, trained and fully qualified health professionals who are in a position to save lives every day while being able to utilise the appropriate medical equipment to do so.

This leaves the lives of those less fortunate expectant mothers and their children in the hands of those who are in a far more privileged position; your help and support can make a massive difference.

For example, a donation of just £25 a month can provide a 1-month supply of milk for a newborn child, whereas a donation of £1000 can play a major part towards the running cost of the Birth clinic for a whole month.

No matter how small or large your contribution, it can go a long way in helping save lives. For more information on how to donate towards the Islamic Help Birth Campaign, click here.



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