A Lonely Existence

26 th November, 2015

Did you know there are over 150 million orphans worldwide today? Those of us who have our families always around us could not possibly imagine how lonely one would feel without the comfort of family. Being orphaned is not just something we read about in papers or see on the news; for many, it is a harsh reality.

From birth, children look up to their parents, their family and their elders. Through them they learn to trust. Without this bond, that child is alone in a strange, dark world with no direction or guidance. For more information on how to sponsor an orphan, follow this link

From a very young age, we learn to trust those around us and care about us, but what if those that were with us are not around anymore? Who would you trust? Who would you look up to? Who can you rely on to care for you?

How would that child know how or what to do in order to feed themselves, how would they know about the  need for education, the importance of learning and good health?

If a complete stranger came along and was kind to an orphan how would the child be able to differentiate between a genuine person and a bad character? How would they know whether the stranger had an ulterior motive or not?

Children have rights, a right to be protected – whether they have the stability of a family or not. These children are the future of tomorrow, the very world our own children will be growing up in; today has an impact on tomorrow. They have a right to be given the opportunity and chance in life to further develop their minds, to achieve dreams and goals, the right to develop, the right to nourishment to encourage their development.

There are many orphan children around the world today who put up with violence, abuse, trafficking, discrimination and neglect on a daily basis. Some know no different or are not even aware that life shouldn’t be like this. Imagine the mental impact on the child’s emotional state?

Being able to keep one’s dignity is a basic human right, having a say in your own life or future is a basic human right. Having your own dreams and goals is a basic human right. Having the freedom of expression and opinion is a basic human right, protecting oneself physically to avoid anyone bringing harm to you is a basic human right.

Not only this, the right to hygiene, medical aid, social support and so much more are all things we take for granted in our lives. Yet, some children don’t even know their own identity.

If you have children of your own, and you are reading this, then imagine this was your child, in an unknown place, alone…

What if this was your child?

They are our children, brothers and sisters; they are the children of tomorrow. And who are we to oppress these innocent children?

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