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It’s All Relative

24th December, 2015

Family is one of the most precious gifts we are given in life. Unfortunately, though, not all of us are as lucky.
Respect for parents and elders is something that is taught to the vast majority of us, from a very young age. When a child is born, the child forms a natural bond with its parents, a relationship of loyalty and trust.
Not only this, but the parents of the child (amongst others) form a strong bond with their children and automatically become role models for them. As children are growing up and learning, they ultimately look to their parents for guidance and protection. Likewise, parental instinct is natural to protect their children, with absolutely everything they have. This solid relationship and connection created within the family becomes a major influence in that child's life.
You often hear the phrase “I’m a family man” or “as long as I’ve got my family around me” - because many people feel privileged enough to have and value the love and protection of their families around them. Click here to sponsor an orpahn today with Islamic Help!
Parents take on a lifelong responsibility when bringing a child into the world. Everything to do with their child is their concern. The parents ensure nourishment, care, health, clothing, maintenance, education, intelligence, knowledge, emotional growth and so much more.  
Along with this, it is a parent that can feel their child’s pain and the parent that tends to understand them more than anybody else in this world.  
Now, imagine this very same child, without parents…
Who will clothe this child? Who will feed and wash them? Who will tend to this child's many needs? Who will ensure their education and emotional well being? Who will keep them safe, protected, warm, supported and loved?
Growing up without parents is almost like seeing the world blind. Those who know, know. Such is the importance of a family’s influence at this delicate time. This child now has nothing to its name and is entirely dependent on mankind.
Cue humanity
There are many millions of children out there like this, who have no parents. These children, who are the future, are orphans.
Providing an education for a child is one of the most incredible things we can do, as this could help them independently build on their talents and intelligence, to pursue a future for themselves, poverty-free. It doesn’t stop there, though - nourishment, healthcare, shelter, warmth, protection, emotional wellbeing and interacting with others is also just as important for their development.
That is why Islamic Help launched its Sponsor an Orphan campaign, which aims to provide all of this and beyond for those orphans in need of help. The campaign aims to instil and restore confidence in these children and provide them with the ability and chance to build, self-sufficiently, their own future.
Sponsor an Orphan today with because you could be all the family that someone needs today.