Emergency aid for Aleppo

Emergency aid for Aleppo

Hundreds of desperate families in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo have received emergency food rations as part of Islamic Help’s emergency work.

Our partner in Syria, the charity White Hands, carried out the distribution which saw food packs and baby milk distributed to beneficiaries who have been suffering in the conflict.

During a lull in the bombardments, they set up distribution points and handed out tins of baby milk powder for at least 240 infants and food baskets for 200 families. The total number of beneficiaries was approx. 1,600.

The beneficiaries were selected based on a needs assessment and each food basket was designed to last a family of up to 8 for at least 1 to 2 weeks. Each food basket contained essentials like sugar, rice, spaghetti, vermicelli, margarine, vegetable oil, lentils, tomato paste, salt, jam and beans. Freshly made bread was also part of the food rations.

The aid distribution is the latest in a series of emergency programmes carried out in Syria by White Hands on behalf of Islamic Help donors. In August, it provided baby milk powder for 300 infants in Aleppo and during Ramadan it carried out an emergency food delivery for more than 3,250 beneficiaries in the city of Ar-Rastan.

It also carried out another Islamic Help programme in Syria in which food baskets and baby milk for 112 infants at risk of malnutrition were delivered in the besieged city of Madaya where residents had resorted to eating grass because of starvation.

The emergency work of White Hands has continued despite the tragic loss of one of its workers, Ibrahim Sawas, who was killed along with his two young children in aerial bombardments of Aleppo last month.

The charity said that it was determined to continue its work in Aleppo and other areas despite the tragedy. It said that while it was able to secure supplies internally from distributors and other organisations, food prices were constantly rocketing because of shortages and restrictions. The price of bread, for example, had increased nearly three-fold in the space of a fortnight.

Please support the people of Aleppo in their time of need. For example:

£15 will provide a blanket for one beneficiary

£20 will ensure a baby has formula milk for 1 month

£50 will provide a food basket for a family for 1 week

Donate now.

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