South Asia Earthquake

What’s Happening?

On Monday October 26, 2015, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan. The tremors were felt throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as parts of India. More than 150 deaths were reported on the first day, thousands were injured and in desperate need of emergency aid. 

An earthquake measuring 7.7 magnitude hit a remote north-eastern region of Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountains on Monday October 26, 2015. The quake epicentre was more than 130 miles below ground but its shock waves were felt throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan and even India.

Within hours, authorities had put the death toll in Afghanistan and Pakistan at more than 180, mostly in the northern and north-western regions bordering Afghanistan.

In one of the worst cases, a dozen girls were reported to have been in a stampede as they fled their school building in the Afghan province of Takhar.

Hundreds of buildings were said to have collapsed in towns and cities across the two countries and hospitals were inundated with the wounded and injured.

The earthquake happened almost exactly six months after Nepal suffered its worst quake on record. That tragedy, on April 25, resulted in more than 9,000 deaths and nearly a million homes damaged or destroyed.

In October 2005, another earthquake devastated the South Asia region, causing 80,000 deaths in Pakistan. That led to Islamic Help launching what was then its largest ever emergency relief operation.

How are we helping?

Islamic Help is on the ground in Pakistan to deliver life-saving emergency aid. We plan to help the earthquake victims by distributing food, water, shelter and medical aid to ensure as many as possible receive the basic necessities of life.

How you can help!

£25 – Provide cooked meals to 20 people. 
£75 – 1 Month Family Food Pack.
£105 – Family Food Pack + Kitchen Kit
£130 – Winter Survival Kit
£235 – Complete Survival Kit
£700 – Run Medical Camp For A Day

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