Spiritual and Social Heart

The mosque (masjid) is the spiritual and social heart of Muslim communities. They are centres of worship, education and community cohesion. We construct mosques in areas of most need in Pakistan, Cameroon and Tanzania, where no facilities exist or to replace crumbling, derelict structures. With your support, we empower poverty-stricken communities by providing them with these religious, social and community hubs that nurture their spiritual development.

A House in Paradise

Providing a mosque is one of the best forms of charitable giving. One of the first acts of the Prophet (PBUH) after he migrated from Makkah to Madinah was to build a mosque. Various Hadith cite the Prophet (PBUH) saying: “Whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” By donating, not only will you be providing a place of worship but laying foundations for your own spiritual rewards in this life and the next.

A Legacy for Generations

Our teams construct mosques in areas of most need and based on local requirements. They are distinctive, permanent structures designed to last generations and with all the essential features including, toilets, ablution facilities, water sources and, where appropriate, solar power. A small mosque is designed to hold, on average, 150 worshippers; a medium sized structure will take 250 and the larger, Jamia mosques in busy areas can cater for 400-plus people