The Etiquettes of Aqiqah

Ideally, Aqiqah should be performed seven days after the birth, with two small animals sacrificed for a boy and one for a girl. As well as this, the child’s head is shaved and a monetary donation, based on the weight of the hair (usually using the value of silver), is given as charity. To share their happiness and acknowledge the gift bestowed on them by Allah, many parents opt to have Aqiqah done in a country where the meat can be given to the poor.

Performing Aqiqah

We carry out Aqiqah in Cameroon or Tanzania. We ensure that the animals selected – goats - are similar to those that meet the conditions of Qurbani. They must fulfil the criteria of being in good health, meet the age requirements (more than 6 months old for a goat) and slaughtered humanely. Through Aqiqah, we help you follow the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), bring the child closer to Allah at the start of their life and share blessings.


The Aqiqah sacrifice will be carried out by our teams as quickly as possible after receiving your donation and we can provide photo or/and video feedback if notified beforehand (please put details in the Notes section during the donation checkout process).