Islamic Help

Pre-Eid Stall Holder Terms And Conditions

  • No refunds allowed, although you may find another suitable replacement stall holder provided you confirm with the organisers of who they are and what they sell. The organisers will then need to confirm in writing that the new stall holder can take your place.
  • Upon booking, you will be given a number. Please save this number, as this will allow you to locate your stall on the day.
  • You must bring your own table covers as these will not be provided.
  • You are not allowed to change table numbers on the day.
  • You can only use the space you have been assigned.
  • Volunteers are not there to help you set up, thus you are welcome to bring anyone else along to help you set up or man the stall.
  • If during the event you break any rules or your presence at the event causes discomfort to others or organisers, we have the right to ask you to leave with no refund provided.
  • If you are selling items which you have NOT informed the organisers of, we reserve the right to ask you to not sell this item. If you do not cooperate, you will be asked to leave and a refund will not be given.
  • If you are fundraising for a charity, you must tell the organisers beforehand as this may be a conflict of interest for Islamic Help.
  • All stall holders need to close their stall at 8pm sharp and start packing up. You will need to be out of the premises before 10pm.
  • All stall holders are responsible for their rubbish or any sort of litter and responsible for the removal of that rubbish.
  • Please note, iftaar will not be provided at this bazaar.
  • You cannot book 2 stalls with the intention of sharing 1 stall with another business. Each business must book their own stall. If you book 2 stalls, they are only permited to be used by your business. If you know someone who would like to book a stall, kindly ask them to contact the organisers.
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