Mission Possible

Mission Possible gives volunteers a full spectrum of the humanitarian aid delivery process and involves campaigning, fundraising and a deployment abroad of up to 10 days.


Applications are open for our October 2021 TANZANIA deployment



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What is Mission Possible?

Volunteer work is the core of virtually every relief aid organisation in the world. Mission Possible is a volunteer-based campaign introduced by Islamic Help that provides volunteers with the opportunity to get involved in charity work, however on a much larger scale. It goes that extra mile and takes them abroad for campaigning and fundraising purposes.

Our volunteers travel to where relief aid is greatly needed. They embark on a journey that takes them thousands of miles away from home and into a completely new country, where they team up with like-minded individuals and distribute aid door to door. As a result of their efforts, they can witness and experience first-hand the difference they have made by providing assistance to people in desperate need of their help. 

Volunteers will begin projects by fundraising and carrying out activities like street collections, sponsored events, walks, bike rides, mountain climbs, charity dinners and family fun days in order to raise funds for the cause allocated to them by Islamic Help.

They will then plan and deliver the aid themselves during a 7-10 day overseas deployment. Volunteers will be supported in planning and delivering aid by the relevant overseas Islamic Help office.’

How does it work?

Volunteers begin by undertaking remedial tasks such as street collections, attending charity dinners and participating in sponsored events. Some events can be extremely enjoyable to be a part of, such as mountain climbing and family fun days. Their primary goal at these events is to raise funds for Islamic Help campaigns, in order to enable us to provide relief aid to some of the most disaster struck areas in the world.
This overseas placement usually lasts a week minimum and is no longer than ten days. However, the invaluable experience our volunteers gain along with the personal fulfilment they feel by helping people compels them to participate again next year.

Take a look at what our volunteers do as part of our Mission Possible team in this short video


What people are saying?


“The people were so amazing – so warm, so welcoming. That’s why so many of us want to go back… They talk so highly of all the things we’ve done for them. We think it was nothing, but they think it’s amazing that we took time out to do something for them.”

Tim Crowley, Head of Birmingham University Officer Training Corps.


“From shaking a bucket outside a mosque to seeing a smile put on a child’s face, the trip was amazing.”

Shahid, Madni, Head of Young Muslims, Birmingham – spent time with children in schools on Mafia Island..


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