Winter Food Aid For Our Vulnerable Neighbours

26 th December, 2017

Dozens of Islamic Help’s most vulnerable neighbours have received a seasonal boost to help them through the winter. We partnered with the Balsall Heath Forum for the winter food distribution targeting local pensioners, the disabled and the most in need

Islamic Help’s headquarters are based in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, and every year we carry out food distributions for the benefit of our neighbourhood.

Nearly 60 packs were distributed to ensure residents had some added food security to help them through the winter weeks

Islamic Help staff and volunteers visited each household to hand out the food packs and to chat to the residents about their concerns and worries.The households were chosen by the Forum – which has been working in the Balsall Heath area for more than two decades to improve the quality of life for local people – based on a needs criterion. Each food pack included tinned foods, condiments, rice, pasta, biscuits and tea.

“We carry out this distribution every winter to help the most vulnerable of our neighbours and to let them know that people do care about them,” said an Islamic Help spokesman. 

“Some of the beneficiaries are in really dire circumstances and many have no one to look after them, so they are really struggling. They include the elderly and disabled and they were really happy to see our staff and volunteers and talk to them.

“It was heartening to see their reactions when they received the food items – some were in tears and said they were so happy to know that they had not been abandoned and forgotten.”

At Islamic Help, we are always looking for new volunteers willing to join in and lend a hand to make a difference to people’s lives. With your support, we can reach more and more people, helping to deliver vital aid and assistance to those who are most in need.

Volunteering brings a whole host of benefits, for you as well as for those whose lives you are helping to improve. By doing your bit and committing to brighten the lives of the most vulnerable, you are sure to reap the rewards of your kindness and generosity throughout life.

Similarly, helping out in your local community is the perfect way to give a little back – after all, charity should always begin at home!
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