Water Way to Help

20 th November, 2015

The majority of us hate the rain. It ruins our hair, it ruins our presentation and it becomes harder to drive in. It is cold, uncomfortable and at the best of times, inconvenient.

Someone somewhere dreams of the very same rain; to be able to wash, to be able to drink, to be able to grow crops and feed their loved ones.

How different the two feel, right? Both exist in the same world.

We don’t give water enough recognition for what it provides for us. We bathe daily in water to remain clean. We cook with water. Our beverages are made of water. We perform ghusl (ablution) daily in order to pray to our Creator with water.

We use water to wash our clothes and clean them. We use water to wash dishes to enable us to eat on a clean plate. We need water for hygiene purposes. We wash cars with water, we function with water, we contain water, we cry with water, we taste with water, we are made of water; we eat, live and breathe water.

Ever heard someone close by saying “eurgh, I hate water, it has no taste; give me something fizzy or with taste”. How gifted are those who have that option?

Some of us run the tap for a while before use, in order to obtain a certain temperature of water. What a waste! A little of that water could save someone’s life, quench someone’s thirst, and here we are, wasting it away.
There are plenty of people facing extreme difficulties due to a lack of clean water, but they needn’t be suffering for long if we all united and helped them during their difficult time.

You could help someone in need by joining Islamic Help’s Water One 50 campaign. You could help provide access to water to some of the world’s most poverty-stricken places. Your donation could go a long way towards creating a hand pump, digging a water well for an entire village or even towards a purification plant, which could serve communities for years to come.

Come along and join www.islamichelp.org.uk in delivering one of the most simplistic, yet one of the most important survival necessities that these people need. Donate with Islamic Help today.



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