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Time is Money, Money is Time

31 st October, 2016

There are many scenarios that could fit in line with the phrase “time is money, money is time”, right?

Investing your time into hard work can pay out a huge return in the long term. A sense of pride in your achievements, and seeing projects come to fruition can be very satisfying and rewarding. Time is extremely valuable in this sense, whether you have earned money for your time or not.

Most people of today’s world invest time and money in their future and their children’s future – for long term benefit and return on investment.

The ultimate goal is to invest and share time and money (both of which aren’t even ours, to begin with) for the benefit of our own Hereafter.

A penny saved is a penny earned; time is precious.

Let us explain…

How Child Sponsorship Works

Due to the ongoing support of your donations and funding, Islamic Help has managed to provide much-needed assistance, care and aid to so many of those in need around the world.

Your ongoing generosity and open-heartedness have benefited many of those who are less privileged than you – those that may be struggling in dire situations – be it during the Holy month of Ramadan, during the period of Qurbanior in everyday life.

Alongside this, the time devoted by our volunteers (many of whom are still actively on the ground, trying to help fight us world poverty) is also very important.

There are many who have spent time and effort to set up fundraisers and events to raise awareness of poverty around the world. Emergency projects, UK-based projects, child sponsorships, challenges, development projects, seasonal campaigns; you name it, you have supported us in our mission.  

The point of the matter is, there are no differences when it comes to true intentions. Whatever we decide to contribute – whether it is our time, effort, or wealth – we are all intending to make a difference and a difference is what we are making.

 If you would like to volunteer with Islamic Help and be part of the action in making a difference, see here for more information.

Alternatively, and equally so, if you would like to make a donation towards a good cause, then click here to submit your donation online, or feel free to give our friendly team a call on 020 3432 1329.

Whichever way you decide to help, know that you are helping and supporting us in making a huge difference. May Allah SWT reward you all with the greatest of sawaab (blessings). Ameen.

Jazaak’Allah Khair.

The Team at Islamic Help