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The Importance of a Child’s Education

8th June, 2015

Here in the UK, we are more than lucky to be given the opportunity of a good education on a silver platter.
However, in other, developing countries, this chance is, sadly, wishful thinking. While Islamic Help has worked hard to give orphans and others the fortune of an education, we still need your help to continue providing support in all areas of school life.
You may be wondering why education is such a big deal though. If this is the case, keep reading, as we take you through just two reasons a child’s education is so important.
Discover New Skills and Talents
Part of the benefit of receiving a good education is that it gives children the opportunity to explore new skills and talents, not to mention discover their character.
You see, the journey isn’t just focused on Maths, English and how well you perform in other core subjects, but rather, in finding yourself along the way too.
By offering this chance to those less fortunate, it enables them to grow with all the care they need at school.
We don’t just mean skills across various subjects though, as a good education can also teach invaluable life skills, and may even ensure self-dependence in the future.
Community-Wide Development
For developing countries, in particular, positive development is crucial, and can be achieved through education.
As charities work to provide further opportunities for careers alongside sustainable growth, it enables those receiving an education to go on and provide for their families, as well as support themselves.
This takes us back to the idea of self-dependence following school life, which, again, is vital to a better, brighter future for those less fortunate than we are.
With these two benefits in mind for developing countries, now is the time to take action and see to it that children receive the education they need and deserve.
Please take the time to see our current projects, or get in touch today to discover how you can get involved and show your support for those that need our help.