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Stay Healthy this Ramadan with Islamic Help

3 rd April, 2015

; one of the most blessed months in the Islamic calendar. A time where everyone unites to pray at Mosque. A time where families sit down together to eat. A time where the sawab (reward) for giving to charity is multiplied. A spiritual month of praying, clarity, discipline and, of course, fasting.

Fasting is one of the main elements of Ramadan. Naturally, refraining from food and drink throughout the whole day, we tend to crave almost everything we think about or see. During suhoor (morning meal), we tend to eat as much as we can to fill ourselves up, knowing we won’t be able to eat again until iftar (evening meal). So, for iftar, we end up cooking a feast.

Once we’ve eaten though, how many of us feel overly stuffed and bloated? How many of us end up gaining weight in Ramadan? Whilst many of us blame the fact that our stomachs have been empty all day, it doesn’t occur to us that it could be down to what we are actually eating.

Food during Ramadan should be simple, healthy and not too different to our normal diet.

For example, for suhoor, why not swap the usual, traditional rich foods for something that is moderate, wholesome and filling, which will provide a slow release of energy to get you through the day. At the same time, try swapping caffeine based drinks like tea and coffee for water. Caffeine stimulates water loss faster while water keeps you hydrated for longer.

For iftar, try swapping the customary deep fried delicacies for something baked or grilled. If you must have something fried, try shallow frying it perhaps? The result is a much healthier alternative, plus not much of a difference in taste. It is important to ensure you eat a balanced diet that includes all the major food groups, so why not introduce some fruit and vegetables to your meal?

However, whilst we decide what foods we should and shouldn’t eat during Ramadan, it is also important to spare a thought for those out there who don’t have these options readily available to them.

Parents; we spend our entire days fussing over our children and tend to find ourselves making their favourite dishes during Ramadan. But we get so busy sometimes that we forget about the children out there who have no parents; children who are orphaned from a very young age. Ramadan is a month of giving, so why not sponsor an orphan or sponsor a child this year through Islamic Help?

Just as little as £30 a month could provide food, shelter, health, education and clothing to a child. Have a browse through Islamic Help‘s various different campaigns and donate to a good cause today.
Together, let’s make a difference this Ramadan.
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