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Islamic Help’s Qurbani Programme

8 th September, 2015

Qurbani can be a complicated subject for those who are not familiar with it. In order to perform the Qurbani ritual properly, one has to have an understanding of what it entails, and more importantly, why millions of Muslims do it every year.

The Qurbani Programme by Islamic Help aims to provide the Qurbani (sacrifice) meat to people living in some of the most remote, isolated, war-torn, regions of the world. So many people are suffering from poverty and starvation today. The programme intends to provide these people and their families with sufficient amounts of food so that they too can enjoy Eid-ul-Adha along with millions of other brothers and sisters.

Qurbani is an obligatory act of obedience, commitment and serves as a great help for those in need.

There is considerable flexibility available for Muslims when it comes to Qurbani. The animals of sacrifice have shares and a person needs one share to fulfil their ritual obligation. Goats and sheep count as one share, which means that they would need to buy one goat or sheep each, in order to perform the Qurbani ritual. All other animals including cows and camels have seven shares. Meaning seven people at a time can contribute towards one animal; with each person pitching in their share of the money in return for their equal share of the meat.

As part of relief aid efforts, canned meat is also provided to disaster struck areas where there is a serious risk of life. These are largely war-torn regions where instability and lack of infrastructure can get in the way of relief aid efforts. The canned meat provided by Islamic Help is 100% halal and the animals that are selected, meet the Qurbani requirements. The packed meat is frozen, pre-cooked and retains its nutritional value throughout its shelf life of three years.

For more information and to find out how you can get involved in the Qurbani Programme, be sure to contact Islamic Help through the website.

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