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Is the Irony Lost, or Are We

1 st February, 2016

We are well into 2016 yet everywhere around us we still constantly hear about people’s New Year’s resolutions; whether they are aiming to be financially better off or to change something significant in their lives. So many self-promises made to ourselves to “change” the way we are, our direction, our ultimate focus and goals.

In case we don’t know, we are all heading in the same direction as humankind; but the journey is solo. There is no family, no friends, no acquaintances, nothing; just alone with our good and bad deeds.

Ever wondered how ironic it is that although we are all being tested in our own right, some are being tested a lot more than others? But are they?

It is important to ask yourself questions from time to time rather than just accepting what society implies. We have been given brains by Allah SWT to use and to question things that are nonsensical to us.

Allah SWT created mankind and there is no stronger love for us than that of Allah SWT, so why are there so many people in the world suffering from poverty and famine, we ask? Does Allah SWT not love them, too?

Where someone is tested in one way, another person is tested in another way. There are millions of people worldwide who believe and seem like they are living the life, the high life. The money combined in this world could make every human being just as rich, but then where would the test be? How would one show affection and empathy? How would one show humility and humanity? How would one’s character shine?

Being financially better off is not necessarily a reward from Allah SWT – have you ever seen it as a punishment? Have you ever noticed that the more money we earn, the greedier we get? Once we are accustomed to earning hundreds, suddenly we are aiming for thousands, and pretty soon, thousands won’t be enough so you will be setting your sights on the millions. From there on, it becomes a snowball effect.

Brothers and sisters, this is the test; so stay grounded, stay humble. No man has ever taken his wallet with him to his grave; we will all look the same during our burial, 6 foot under, in white and with the same earth covering our faces; back to where we came from.

Use your financial stability on this Earth to bring those who are suffering from poverty and famine out of their struggles. Allah has blessed you with wealth to see what you do with it. Will you look after his creation, or will your greed surpass your humanity? Use your money to do good, give to charity, help those around you; money means nothing in this world, but utilising your wealth for the comfort of a fellow human being is a deed beyond reward. Everything we have will get left behind, aside from our deeds, and the prayers of those we have helped.
Once we realise the real reason we are here, it suddenly makes more sense, and the struggle ends. Humility intact, life at that point becomes a simple path with one goal and one sole direction; it is also known as peace.

How ironic is it that along with these New Year’s resolutions, so many people make it their absolute focus to lose weight? And now take a look at all those who are dealing with starvation and malnutrition worldwide; can you imagine if they heard us right now? We sound completely ungrateful, right?

Let’s join together and become selfless in our acts, not selfish. What we have today will be gone tomorrow; the world is temporary, our feelings are temporary, our homes are temporary, and the struggle is short lived in this world, yet prolonged in the hereafter. In today’s world, we even struggle to find time for the One, who created time itself.

So, think about it, brothers and sisters, what is your ultimate goal?

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We just need to put that foot forward and take that initial step.

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