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Three Peaks Challenge

The activity that we wish to participate in is the "three peaks challenge." We are looking to climb the three highest peaks within the United Kingdom. We will start our climb to climb Ben Nevis then travel to the Lake District to tackle Scafell Pike and last but not least Mount Snowdon in North West Wales. We are looking to complete the three peaks including the travelling time within 24 hours. The clock will count down from the moment we initiate our climb on Ben Nevis till we get back to the bottom of the Mount Snowdon.

Each climb will surely have it's own route which will be different and challenging nonetheless. We are looking to raise money for Tanzania. A developing country located within Africa where people do not have access to clean water or even the basic necessities that some of us have today. We want to raise money for the "mission possible" project that is currently undergoing in Tanzania where we will be able to aid in the infrastructure.

Although the climbs will be challenging to complete within a certain time limit; it is not mission impossible. This is a mission that we believe that we can complete and we would like you to all donate towards the "Mission Possible" project towards Tanzania.

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Mission Possible

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