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Who are Raise for Life?

‘Raise For Life’ is a close group of friends from various parts of the UK who work with different charities on different projects to raise money and awareness for those in need around the world through holding fundraising events within their respective local communities. For more details about us please click the following link:

Please support us in our latest campaign 

Food Parcels for Ramadhan 2016 – Myanmar Rakhine State

We are currently working with Islamic Help who have been active in Myanmar since the beginning of the recent conflict.

Governate: Rakhine State
Towns: Minbay, Mrauk-U, Myebon, Pauktaw, Kyauktaw, Pathedaung,Kyaukphyu, Ramree, and Sittwe,

Myanmar’s population of 58 million is composed of 135 ethnic groups; two thirds reside in rural areas. One of the world’s least-developed countries, Myanmar ranked 149th out of 187 in the 2011 Human development index and has a human development index rating of 0.48 – significantly below the regional average of 0.67.

Rakhine State is one of the least developed parts of Myanmar and is characterized by high population density, malnutrition, low income poverty and weak infrastructure compounded by storms and flood. The 2012-13 Integrated Household Living Condition Survey ranks Rakhine State in second position in terms of overall poverty, 43.5% compared to the national average of 25.6%.

The population of Rakhine consists of a mixture of various ethnic and religious groups. The Rohingya, a persecuted Muslim minority of 800,000, are unrecognized as citizens by the Government, and have long faced persecution and discrimination in Myanmar.

Inter-communal conflict in Rakhine State started in early June 2012 and resurged in October 2012. This has resulted in the displacement of people, loss of lives and livelihoods and restricted movement for many. Conditions in most camps are still far below international emergency standards eight months after the crisis started: shelter, water and sanitation, health and other services are insufficient. Access to livelihood and basic services has been further complicated by prolonged displacement of people or their living in isolated villages. This is in a region where they are already at risk of a number of hazards; the types of hazards and other risks found in Rakhine State include cyclones, storm surge, earthquake, tsunami, fire.

The Ramadan food packet aims at providing complementary, staple, culturally sensitive food pack and according to Sphere standards to be distributed during the month of Ramadan to IDPs affected by the conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

Regarding food poverty, the State ranks 10% against the national average of 4.8%. The State was affected in recent years by two major disasters: flood and mudslides in northern Rakhine in June 2010 and cyclone Giri in October 2010, affecting 29,000 and 260,000 people, respectively, and causing loss of lives and livelihoods. Please click on the link below for more details:

How you can help this Ramadhan 2016

You can donate your Zakat and Sadaqa to this project. The £35 food pack provided to a family (on average between 5-8 members) will cover a family for a month, this includes: Rice 20kg, Oil 3ltr, Bean 3kg, Onions 1.6kg, Garlic 1kg, Fried Chili with Prawns 2.4kg, Potato 5kg, Salt 0.4kg, Dry Fish 2.2kg, Dates 1kg

The Rohingya population in Myanmar is estimated at 1.5 million, the majority of them in Rakhine state near the border with Bangladesh. Across the country, 500,000 Rohingya are internally displaced - many in camps from which they are not allowed to leave - and about 800,000 are stateless and have no rights or access to basic services.
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Ramadan Food Packs 2018

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