Helping New Life

With pregnant Syrian refugees facing restricted access to public health services and unable to pay for medical costs, we set up our Birth clinic in Irbid, Jordan, in 2015 to ease some of their burdens. Our commitment includes ante-natal and post-natal care, nutritional support and paying for the birth delivery costs. We can only do that with your support. Your donations can save the lives and ensure the well-being, of pregnant refugees and their new-borns.

The Best Care Available

Since it started, the Birth Clinic has seen approx. 24,000 patients and helped more than 1,800 mothers to give birth in hospital. Mothers like Isra, who fled to Jordan after her mother was killed in the Syrian conflict. With the support of the Birth Clinic, Isra gave birth to daughter Layan in hospital, safe in the knowledge that she would not face additional financial pressures and that her new-born would receive the best medical care available.

Providing the Focal Point

The Birth Clinic is a focal point of services for pregnant Syrian refugees, mothers and babies. From initial check-ups to determine the expected date of delivery, it links them to partner medical service providers for deliveries. Your donations help us to not only meet these costs but to employ qualified doctors and nurses; the latest equipment; to provide other facilities including a dental clinic for adults and children and baby kits to pregnant patients