Islamic Help

Birth Clinic

Islamic Help set out to help Syrian refugee mothers who were expecting by setting up the Birth clinic in Irbid, Jordan. Our commitment includes:

  • Paying for the birth delivery costs 
  • Providing ante-natal and post-natal care, and nutritional support to pregnant women and essential nutrition to malnourished new-borns 
  • Saving the lives of, and ensuring the well-being of, pregnant refugees, mothers and new-borns.

The Birth clinic was planned as a focal point of services to Syrian pregnant women, mothers and babies. From initial check-ups to determine the expected date of delivery, it will link them to partner medical service providers for deliveries.

Between its opening in May 2016 and April 2017, it helped 220 Syrian refugees give birth safely. In 2018, there were 646 healthy births.
As well as normal deliveries, it includes Caesareans in cases of emergency or where complications jeopardise the mother’s or/and baby’s health and safety


The criterion for the selection of pregnant women is those who are 6-8 months pregnant;  Syrian refugees in camps or host communities, anywhere in Jordan, and the poor and needy.

The Birth clinic is fully furnished with access to the latest medical equipment. It features a maternity ward, a paediatric ward, an emergency room,  a dentist’s room and a reception area and waiting halls for patients.

Fully qualified medical and clinical staff have been hired locally. They include:

  • a gynaecologist and paediatric doctor
  • a nurse and a lab technician
  • service personnel (women)

It costs £600 per child birth. The Birth Clinic costs £30,000 per month to run. Please support our Birth campaign to help Syrian refugee mothers & their babies. Donate today.