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Winter is the harshest and cruellest of seasons. Sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and freezing winds can force vulnerable and needy people who are already struggling to the brink.

Across the world, millions of people have to battle the elements just to survive. For those who have already lost their homes or families due to conflict or violence, or are struggling against illness, infirmity, poverty and adversity, winter is the time of year that they dread.

Impoverished communities already struggling for food security at other times of the year face even greater pressures during the winter months as a scarcity of food resources is compounded by harsh, environmental conditions which restrict their mobility and their ability to grow produce or provide livelihoods for their families.

Islamic Help teams are on the ground in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, providing as much as we can to help protect families from the winter cold. However, to do that we urgently need your support. A donation of £30 will help us reach people in need this winter with life saving food, clothing or fuel packs.




Refugees living in makeshift shelters or tents have little or no protection from the freezing temperatures and snow. Not only do they struggle for food, water, medicines and protection from the elements but they are at increased risk from illnesses and fatal diseases.

Our teams are ready to distribute winter aid in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon, Gaza, Yemen and to Palestinian and Syrian refugees (in Jordan) and Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh.

Our emergency winter aid includes:

Food packs: contain sugar, tea, rice, oil, chick peas, lentils, peens, tomato paste and fava beans

Clothing packs: head piece (scarf or winter cap), gloves, socks, sweater, jacket and shoes

Fuel packs (Middle East only): 30kg of firewood, or 30litres of kerosene oil or two gas cylinders.

Blankets: We will providing double-ply, thick blankets.




In the Middle East, winter can mean heavy snow and ice, with temperatures regularly dipping below freezing especially in remote areas used by Syrian and Palestinian refugees as camps. Even in Cameroon in Africa, the temperature can reach zero at the height of winter.

We need your support to provide essential winter aid to those most in need. Your Zakat and Sadaqah will help save lives.





Disclaimer: Islamic Help will use your money to provide families in need with winter aid. By donating, you give us permission to use the funds that you have given as we see fit to use in the country or area of most need. We will only do this if it is in the best interest of the beneficiaries. Our ultimate aim is to provide families in need with the support that they require.



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