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Bee Keeping

By giving a gift of a Bee Hive you will be helping families earn an income    

The scope of relief aid work at Islamic Help is not just limited to providing aid and food packets to different regions of the world. A key part of our strategy is to promote socio-economic development and environmental conservation, both of which are vital for the development of a community or region. This is why Islamic Help promotes different types of programmes that create jobs, improve the local economy and uplift a community or village to stand up on their feet. The Bee Keeping programme is one example, where women are learning the tools of the trade to become self-sufficient in order to provide for their families.

Empowering Women to Change their Lives

Some of the most noticeable results of the programme have been seen in Tanzania where bee-keeping has played a major role in changing things for the better. As part of the bee-keeping project, Islamic Help contracted the manufacturing of the traditional wooden hives to local community carpenters. This created jobs for that local community.

These hives were given to poor women and families that live on under $1 a day

Currently, a total of a hundred beneficiaries from five villages, namely Meka, Mseko, Mkwajuni, Mivumoni, Kigurusimba have been trained on bee-keeping and management. All of the beneficiaries are women. Upon completion of the training, each is given two bee hives to begin their livelihood.

Support the Bee Keeping programme today to ensure more people become self-sufficient and less dependent on aid.

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