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For the Sake of Allah

For the Sake of Allah

During Ramadan, we sacrifice many things. From the basics, like food and water, to the luxuries of life.
But Ramadan is not about giving up. It’s about giving. Giving our body and soul to Allah, and giving to help those who are most in need.
Our Ramadan campaign this year is For The Sake of Allah. To love, give, share, gift, all are for the sake of Allah.

The phrase is not the equivalent of what people often express, ‘For the sake of God’, which is a sign of frustration or exasperation.
Doing something for the sake of Allah is recognition that it is being done purely and solely for the pleasure of, and in recognition of, our Creator.
We do not seek personal fame, praise or material rewards from those actions - even when they involve personal sacrifice as in Ramadan - but are doing them to affirm and strengthen our faith, our belief and to gain tranquillity of the heart.

We have the privilege of ending our daily fast in Ramadan with food and drink in the company of family and friends. Millions around the world don’t. This Ramadan, let them have that chance. 

Ramadan: a month to give, to love, to help, to gift. For the Sake of Allah.

Our campaigns during Ramadan 2015:


The Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma) is regarded by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted communities. Denied citizenship in the country of their birth, they lack access to necessities like food and water and basic services including medicines, education and free movement.

Islamic Help is on the ground working with our partners to deliver life-saving emergency aid to Rohingya communities. We are distributing food packs and water to families to ensure as many as possible receive the basic necessities of life.

Take me to the Rohingya Emergency Appeal


Islamic Help donors care for more than 2,300 orphans across the world, with hundreds more waiting to be sponsored.
Across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, our programme gives these children the security and stability we would expect for any of our children from just £1 a day.

Provide an orphan with the love, stability and security they deserve. Sponsor an orphan today.


Each year during Ramadan, Islamic Help provides food packs for tens of thousands of beneficiaries across the world.
From the refugees of Syria and the Central African Republic to desperate communities in Palestine; from the poverty stricken in Africa to those struggling in Asia, the generosity of our supporters helps provide them with enough food and water to last through the blessed month of Ramadan.

Each food pack is made up according to local needs and requirements including – among other factors - average family size, dietary requirements, food availability and logistical considerations like transport and infrastructure.

In the Middle East, our food packs are distributed in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey for Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and Gaza. In Africa, we help provide for families in Tanzania, Somalia, Cameroon and refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR). In Asia, we target poverty-stricken families in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Each food pack costs £150 and provides for a family for a full month. 


With our Birth campaign, Islamic Help is providing Syrian refugee mothers expecting a child with everything they require for the safe delivery of their new-born. We will cover hospital and delivery costs, and immediate aftercare costs such as sanitary items, baby clothes, food and items needed for both mother and child.

With the help of our supporters, Islamic Help wants to help as many of these mothers as possible to safely give birth and to know that their new-born arrives into this world in a safe and caring environment.

Join our Birth: Supporting Syrian Mothers & Babies campaign.