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The generosity shown in Ramadan, especially towards feeding the hungry is truly beautiful. However after Ramadan, as things return to normal for us, they also return to normal for families who are suffering around the world. Although normal for us means we are now allowed to eat and drink throughout the day, normal for families in need, is not receiving the food aid that you provide, not having enough food to feed their children, normal for them is going days without eating anything; normal for them is a daily struggle.

Provide a family in need with an essential food pack for a month from as little as £30. You can either make a one off donation or set up a monthly payment plan from £30 a month, this will provide a family with food throughout the year. 

The food pack you provide will contain items specific to the region it's delivered in, providing nutrional support to adults and children. Our field team will ensure that those most in need such as the elderly, widows and orphans, receive the food packs that you donate. 

Please donate now.