Unlocking potential

In Tanzania, beekeeping plays a major role in socio-economic development and environmental conservation. However, only a fraction of its potential is being realised. To counter that, Islamic Help launched programmes in the Tanga region to reduce poverty and empower women by giving them the tools and training to take up bee-keeping. It helped vulnerable families to more than double household incomes. We need your support to continue achieving those results

Multiplying benefits

Using beekeeping as a livelihood tool to break the cycle of poverty gained national media coverage in Tanzania. One programme in Pangani helped 100 vulnerable households in five villages to double – and in some cases triple - incomes. The beneficiaries were all women and included the disabled, HIV, widows and orphan families. By providing training, equipment and expert consultants to help them establish their livelihoods, it benefited 4800 people.

Using Bees For Empowerment

Beekeeping is one of the simplest, yet most effective, means of economic empowerment for the poor and vulnerable. Your donations can help provide a family with training and traditional wooden hives capable of producing up to 50 litres of honey a year. With that level of production potentially earning approx. £500 on local markets, it means families can double their annual incomes, lifting them out of poverty and allowing them to become self-sufficient.